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Trinbagonian Board Games to Add to Your Game Night Collection

Trinbagonian Board Games to Add to Your Game Night Collection

Who doh like a good game night? We’ve been on the lookout for local board games on the scene and curated this list of games you can take home or experience.

1. Sou Sou Lands

Sou Sou lands is a version of the popular game Monopoly. Spaces on the board include taxable highways (Solomon Hochoy, Claude Noel, etc), Play Ya Whe and Lotto Jackpot spaces. Players who land on the ‘Sou Sou’ spaces, must pull a card from the ‘Sou Sou’ deck and follow the instructions on the drawn card.
You can order directly via their social media pages or from The Registry by Kootis in Couva for $300.00 TTD.

2. Doh Say Dat Liming Games

Credit: Doh Say Dat Liming Games
Doh Say Dat and Doh Say Dat Music are similar to the board game Taboo. Players attempt to get their teammates to guess the word on a drawn card without using similar words displayed on the card. Doh Say Dat has four categories which include phrases, places, people and things. Doh Say Dat Music categories include Artistes, Buss De Chune, Mix & Mash Up and Songs. The brand also plans on launching a Doh Say Dat Sport in the near further.
You can order directly from their website or at retail outlets, such as book stores and toy stores. Prices range from $350.00 – $395.00 TTD.

3. Trinidad Is Not Ah Real Place

Credit: Let’s Talk Facebook Page
Another Monopoly variation, Trinidad Is Not Ah Real Place is a result of a school project by form one students. In addition to Trinbagonian towns and cities, the board features maxi taxis for purchase in gameplay. It also includes Bligh and Treasury deck cards. Expressions like “Look to Press” and “Petit Valley by One” stand out as amusing inclusions on this board.
Available for purchase at Let’s Talk outlets in Trincity Mall, Munroe Road, and Gulf City Mall. You can also arrange to have the game delivered using the contact information on their Instagram page. Cost: $350.00 TTD.

4. Santimanitay

Santimanitay: Race to the Stage is centered around Trinidad and Tobago carnival. The objective of the game is to make it to the Stage before all of your opponents. The journey to the Stage, however, is laden with challenges. According to the About section on their Facebook page “…players must avoid Hard Luck spaces, get past Midnight Robbers, take advantage of Warrahoon cards AND display their knowledge of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.”
Available at several retail outlets such as Excellent Stores and Nigel R. Khan Booksellers or you can purchase directly from their social media pages for $350.00.

5. Triniopoly

Triniopoly is a hand-painted, giant version of Monopoly available for rent from It’s Friday Entertainment. The fun of this and the other games provided through this service is in the jumbo and sometimes life-size version of popular board games. Definitely, something to experience when this pandemic is through disrupting our lives.
Visit their social media pages to learn more.

6. Trini Dus Say

Also similar to Taboo, Trini Dus Say is a word-guessing game in which players attempt to get their teammates to guess a word or phrase without saying forbidden words before the one minute time is up. To add to the fun, players may also be challenged with acting out or drawing the word or phrase. Trini Dus Say focuses on places, cultural icons, native food and dialect of T&T.
To purchase visit their website, D Trini Shop at the airport or Trincity Mall,  Excellent Stores location, or Academics Plus in Curepe. This game will cost you between $300.00 – $350.00 TTD.

7. Not A Real Place (NARP)

Credit: NARP Facebook Page
Not A Real Place is also a version of Monopoly. With this game, property purchases include our popular cultural sites like Store Bay and Ariapita Avenue but also businesses like “Movie Tong” and Sauce Doubles. Nepotism cards operate as the Chance/Community Chest cards would in Monopoly. There are many interesting additions to the game such as a corruption menu that allows players to do things like buy a property for half-price, re-roll, or take 50.00 from any player. See below for the How to Play NARP video by the creator of the game for more insight.
Order on the NARP Facebook page for 400.00.
So which of these can you not wait to get your hands on?
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